Knowledge for Development

Here below, a list of recent developments in agricultural research. Feel free to comment or share relevant articles and notes.  -Scientific Writing for Agricultural Research Scientists: A Training Resource ManualThe need for training targeted at African agricultural research scientists on the procedures and techniques for writing and publishing the results of their research has been identified by a variety of institutions, organisations and agricultural research and development networks...   read more >>

Here below, a list of recent developments in agricultural research.- Scientific development in African countriesINASP presents findings from a bibliometric analysis of the most productive African countries in Scopus between 1996 and 2009. Changes in the scientific research output and comparisons with global patterns across 27 scientific knowledge domains are illustrated. It details publication patterns over ten years, the number of research papers produced per year per country, the natur...   read more >>

Here a list of recent developments in agricultural research.   - Postharvest losses of dry grains in North Western BeninA quantitative survey investigates in more depth the issue of storage losses, their causes and means of improving food conservation in the long term.  Key issues are the poor availability of storage facilities and suitable packaging material and the lack of pest management knowledge. The document also explores the management methods the country’s extensio...   read more >>

-Soil Atlas of AfricaProduced by leading soil scientists from Europe and Africa, the Soil Atlas of Africa shows the changing nature of soil across the continent. It explains the origin and functions of soil, describes the different soil types that can be found in Africa and their relevance to both local and global issues. The atlas also discusses the principal threats to soil and the steps being taken to protect soil resources. It is a key resource for scientists, practitioners and policy and...   read more >>

Judith's pick, week 3 April 2013

22/04/2013 - Judith A. Francis

Population boom poses interconnected challenges of energy, food, waterSpeakers at an international symposium called for innovations in plant biotechnology, synthetic biology and information technology to address the challenges of a growing world population.‘The Interconnected World of Energy, Food and Water’ presentations at EurekAlert, 8/04/2013)-Farming Change: Growing more food with a changing resource baseThis publication co...   read more >>

Improving cassava production

11/04/2013 - Judith Ann Francis, CTA

    Is cassava the crop of the future for food and nutrition security and industrial development? Not unless, we increase investments in science, technology and innovation. An interesting presentation on the Global Cassava Partnership for the 21st century (GCP 21) by Dr Claude Fauquet at CTA Headquarters on 28 March 2013 triggered further reflection on the need for a coordinated approach to cassava development.     Dr Fauquet indicated that 105 countries pro...   read more >>