Knowledge for Development

Recent progress of hyperspectral imaging on quality and safety inspection of fruits and vegetables


Date: 09/03/2015


Hyperspectral imaging (HSI), a rapid, non-destructive, and chemical-free method, is now emerging as a powerful analytical tool for product inspection by simultaneously offering spatial information and spectral signals from one object. This paper focuses on recent advances and applications of HSI in detecting, classifying and visualizing quality and safety attributes of fruits and vegetables. First, the authors describe the basic principles and major instrumental components of HSI, and summarize commonly used methods for image processing, spectral pre-treatment and modelling. Most important, the authors provide morphological calibrations that are essential for non-flat objects as well as feature wavebands extraction for model simplification. Second, in spite of the physical and visual attributes (size, shape, weight, colour and surface defects), the paper reviews applications from the last decade categorized according to textural characteristics inspection, biochemical components detection, and safety feature assessments. Finally, it discusses the technical challenges and future trends of HSI.  

(Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety, 20/01/2015)