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December 2012 / January 2013 K4D Newsletter

Date: 12/02/2013


Download the December 2012 / January 2013 K4D newsletter here below. 

The focus of the two new lead articles which are now featured on the K4D website and the e-newsletter, is on re-engineering tertiary education in agriculture to respond to the challenges of our time.


Professor Arjen Wals and his co-authors, share lessons from Europe on redesigning curricula for developing new competencies in a fast changing globalized and digitalized world and respond to the public’s requirements. Professor Abdulrazak, National Council for Science and Technology, Kenya, acknowledges that a favourable policy environment which emphasizes the pivotal role of universities in the research and innovation process and adequate financial resources for research and development are prerequisites for Kenya to become a knowledge-based economy.

Updates on CTA and S&T activities as well as a selection of key documentary resources are also featured. For example, CTA and Wageningen University and Research centre have teamed up to support ACP universities to audit their curricula to determine whether they respond to the attainment of food security goals as enunciated in national and regional policy documents e.g. CAADP in Africa and the Caribbean regional food and nutrition security policy. The report of the comparative study of the research policy systems of five European countries is very interesting and relevant for all of us who are interested in fostering breakthrough research at national, regional and international level. 

For this year, we would like to feature success stories from national and regional research and tertiary education organizations in Africa, Caribbean and the Pacific where your research, teaching and outreach programmes and activities are making a difference to policy processes, improving practice and contributing to agricultural transformation especially with respect to meeting food and nutrition goals, ecosystem sustainability and improving livelihoods.

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