Knowledge for Development

Supporting a regional agricultural sector with geo & mainstream ICT – the case study of Space4Agri Project


Date: 09/03/2015


The Space4Agri (S4A) project aims to demonstrate how a knowledge platform can be set up for effectively monitoring cropping systems, water stress and the impacts of climate change on specific regions, and for sharing this information at regional and national levels. The platform has been designed to allow data workflows integrating (i) spatial data and observations; (ii) non-spatial information available from existing agronomic databases; (iii) data collected in the field by farmers, agronomists and volunteers using mobile applications; and (iv) data collected by unmanned aerial sensors, and data produced by researchers as a result of applying scientific analysis on high-quality remote sensing data. Foreseen results of the Space4Agri project and from other similar ongoing research activities may significantly spur socio-economic development and create new growth opportunities for famers, as well as agri-business and other companies.    

(AGRIS Online Papers in Economics and Informatics, 31/12/2014)

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