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Infrared temperature patterns of cow’s body as an indicator for health control at precision cattle farming


Date: 20/10/2014


An infrared radiation temperature study was carried out at an experimental cowshed (120 cows) using a thermal image scanner. The temperature distribution pattern was estimated and analysed with SmartView software: particularly udder, feet and areas with skin injuries. The radiation temperature of healthy udder did not change considerably after milking. Automatic monitoring of udder temperature is possible not only in milking parlours or milking robots but also elsewhere. The udder thermograms enable assessment of milking hygiene, as the cleanliness of udder surface influences average temperature. The temperature of legs was lowest at the hooves and highest at the coronary band. Temperature differences may be used for estimation of leg disorders. Thermal images can help detect skin injuries. Radiation temperature of injured and depilous locations was higher by several degrees than their surroundings.   

(Agronomy Research, 2012)

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