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Africa: Coffee wood suitable for high-value end uses

Author: Brunetti, M.; Fabbri, P.G. and Lazzeri, S.

Date: 05/04/2006


The structure and technological properties of the wood of Coffea arabica were determined, using wood obtained from an abandoned plantation in Sao TomeIsland. It was found that the coffee wood has very good characteristics, both in aesthetic (veining and texture) and technological (density, dimensional stability, hardness) terms. It is concluded that coffee wood is suitable for high-value end uses, such as craft work, parquet flooring and cabinet-making. The main constraint is the small dimension of the raw material, but this may be partially solved with modern milling techniques. From authors' summary.

Journal of Agriculture and Environment for International Development (Italy), 2000, v. 94(1) p. 35-42


Journalof Agriculture and Environment for International Development (Italy) / KIT(E1190)