Knowledge for Development

Opportunities and constraints of coffee by-product utilization

Author: Mburu, J.K. and Mwaura, P.K.

Date: 05/04/2006


Methods of coffee waste management are outlined to create awareness of the opportunities and constraints associated with the maximization of coffee by-product utilization and the reduction of environmental pollution. The application of environmentally-sound disposal methods requires an understanding of the range of waste utilization, treatment and recycling options. The by-products of coffee processing are mainly coffee pulp, processing effluent, parchment husks and coffee husks. The main alternative uses of coffee by-products include the production of soil conditioner, fertilizer, mulch, animal feed, alcohol, biogas, caffeine, sugar, pectines, charcoal, heat energy, wax and acids.

Kenya Coffee (Kenya), v. 61(716) p. 2237-2245


Kenya Coffee (Kenya) / KIT(A1832)