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Preservation of coffee quality at the curing works, during storage and transport

Author: Venkatesh, K., Basavaraj, K. and Naidu, R.

Date: 05/04/2006


Measures to be adopted at various stages of coffee bean processing, storage and transportation, so as to obtain a good-quality final product, are presented. The curing stage in the processing house includes receiving coffee beans from the growers, drying to the required standard, milling, grading by size, shape and density, sorting by colour, bulking, packing, storing, and transport. Moisture content of coffee beans should not be more than 11.50% for satisfactory storage to minimize mould growth and enzymic activity. Odour-free jute bags should be used for packing raw coffee and new hydrocarbon-free bags for packing cured coffee. Hygienic conditions to be maintained in the curing works, prophylactic treatment to be carried out in coffee go-downs to eradicate storage pests, control measures to be adopted against rodents and insects, and transportation of coffee are discussed in detail.

Indian Coffee (India), v. 63(3) p. 22-25


Indian Coffee (India) / KIT(B1561)