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Postharvest losses of dry grains in North Western Benin


Date: 31/07/2013


The Agriculture and Food Security Network of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation has conducted a quantitative survey with 105 farmers in Benin to study the storage  techniques used for dry grains and the main problems encountered during storage. It investigates in more depth the issue of storage losses, their causes and means of improving food  conservation in the long term. 59% of the producers of dry grains interviewed reported difficulties in bridging their household needs for dry grains until the next harvest. Producers believe just  over half of the food produced by a rural household should be sufficient to prevent hunger among the rural population. Weevils (Sitophilus spp) and other insect pests are responsible for  78.5% of losses. Key issues are the poor availability of storage facilities and suitable packaging material and the lack of pest management knowledge. The document also explores  management methods the country’s extension system is promoting.

(SDC Food security, 06/2013)

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