Knowledge for Development

New dossier: Food safety

Date: 19/10/2007


Consumers need to be sure that the food they eat is safe. Stringent standards which generally vary from country to country are increasingly imposed on the international food trade by both public institutions and private corporations. As product and process requirements and supply logistics systems become more demanding, ACP trade in global markets is being impacted. This dossier identifies key challenges and strategies for the ACP community in meeting international quality and food safety requirements. Dr. Sietze Vellema, Wageningen University, explores the challenge in combining food safety, quality performance and sustainability standards with innovative technological capacity in the upper end of the supply chain. He suggests a form of coordinated innovation in which both market opportunities and institutional arrangements are integrated to enhance the innovative capacities of actors and organizations. Dr. Jennylynd James examines international and regional ACP initiatives on meeting health and safety requirements and outlines recommendations for ACP countries. The lead articles are complemented by background information through links to related websites and publications. This dossier was prepared by KIT in collaboration with CTA – September 2007. Read this new dossier>>>