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Samoa to export premium fetau oil to Europe


Date: 07/06/2011


In Samoa, organic premium oil produced from the nut of the fetau plant (also known as tamanu oil) will be exported to Germany in May or June 2011. The fetau plant known in Samoa is scientifically called the Calophyllum inophyllum. It is popular in the Pacific for its decorative leaves, fragrance and spreading crown.

The seeds produce thick dark green oil with active ingredients believed to regenerate tissue and is sought after by cosmetics manufacturers as an ingredient in skin creams. It is known to be highly skin absorbent and to have a light walnut fragrance. In Samoa, two charity organizations donated two German-built compact high tech oil presses to the Women in Business Development Inc., a small business that will from now on produce high quality cold-pressed and parasite free oil from Samoan fetau nuts. (East-West Center, 1/5/2011)

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