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Processing of fresh-cut tropical fruits and vegetables: a technical guide


Date: 16/08/2012


J.B. James, T.  Ngarmsak and R.S. Rolle, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific Bangkok, 2010.

Assuring the safety and quality of fresh-cut produce necessitates the selection of high-quality horticultural produce for processing, and the implementation of good practice during processing operations in order to maintain produce quality and assure safety of the final product. This technical guide reviews in detail from a theoretical and practical perspective, the critical issues that must be addressed if fresh-cut products are to meet consumer and market demand for convenience, quality and safety. It provides a case study on fresh-cut processing in Thailand, and describes, the fresh-cut processing of selected fruits and vegetables produced in Thailand. It should be of practical value, to small processors, trainers, extension workers and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) who provide training and support to individuals engaged in the production of fresh-cut tropical produce for sale. It also provides a useful source of information for consumers of fresh-cut tropical produce.

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