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Quality of Guava and Papaya Fruit Pulp as Influenced by Blending Ratio and Storage Period


Date: 16/08/2012


P.K. Jain, P. Jain and P. K. Nema, American Journal of Food Technology  6 ( 6):  507-512, 2011.

Guava and papaya are the most widely grown commercial fruits of central India. Both the fruits are nutritive and may be used for processing. The analysis of organoleptic characters (i.e., colour, flavour, texture, taste and overall acceptability) and qualitative characters (i.e., TSS, pH, acidity, ascorbic acid content) of guava and papaya fruits was conducted on fresh fruit, prepared pulp and mixed pulp. During the storage of fruit pulp at low temperature (6±1°C), the decrease in overall acceptability of both the pulp was observed with increase in storage period. However, blending of both the pulp in different ratios influenced the organoleptic characters as well as the qualitative characters of the blended pulp.

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