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27/04/2011 - Knowledge for Development

CTA’s S&T Programme recently launched its “Debate and Blog” space.

Stay up-to-date and receive the latest arguments regarding the benefits of PARD through this debate’s RSS feed.

For you to post on our blog under the PARD topic, please follow the instructions below.

  1. Register here : (see “login” at the top right corner on any knowledge webpage)
  2. Once registered (confirmed by email), you can login at
  3. Once logged in, visit :
  4. Choose the topic of your choice.
  5. On the topic page, under the Topic introduction text (grey background), click the green 'New blog post' button.
  6. The blog post creation interface will load.

You can comment each blog post without logging in.

Have all the material ready:

  • Blog post title (mandatory)
  • Blog post text (mandatory)
  • Blog post image (optional, small image only 300x300 pixels max. size)
  • Blog post document (optional)
  • Check “allow comments” (optional)


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Ok - now blogging on K4D gets easier!
Posted by: Cédric, Tuesday 14 June 2011 1:34:48 pm
Thanks for the instructions. Can't wait for more topics!

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