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‘Knowledge is power’, a powerful quote by Francis Beacon reveals the unquantifiable power that lies in the hands of a person who possesses knowledge. The measure of two individuals lies in the enormity of the information each of them possesses. Knowledge is not only power but it is the way of life. And of course yes, the way of success, development and prosperity. Without knowledge, one is doomed! 'I have been battling with some rhetorical questions on why the emphasis on ICTs as true path to...   read more >>

To What End Is Research?

25/10/2011 - Raymond Erick Zvavanyange

Concepts and curiosity There is renewed interest to investigate old and new science concepts out of curiosity in recent years. In physics, the century-old theory governing matter was shaken following the discovery by scientists in Geneva, Switzerland of small particles which violate the model proposed by Albert Einstein in 1905. Similarly, in health and medicine, studies on drugs and preventative measures enrich our knowledge of tackling society maladies. Again, in climate science, food, nutr...   read more >>

On extension and advisory services in Zimbabwe

31/08/2011 - Muhle Masuku Bulawayo, RadioVoP Zimbabwe

[Note: This blog was suggested by a reader.]---Are Extension And Advisory Services Meeting The Needs Of Farmers In Zimbabwe? potentially explosive situation exists in the rural areas as extension and advisory service organisations struggle for recognition in Zimbabwe. A large number swamp the districts as diminishing returns set in. The Ministry of Agriculture, Mechanisation and...   read more >>

In case you missed this article, you may find an idea or two here:, Raymond Erick Zvavanyange   read more >>

Dossier on phosphorus quite informative

17/06/2011 - Maureen Wilson

I am still finding the dossiers quite useful. There is an ACP-EU funded project on phosphate:'Optimizing phosphorus in sugar cane to decrease production costs and to protect fresh water resources in acp states'Basically to look at phosphate mobility and use in sugarcane fields and my laboratory is doing the testing in Jamaica. This project is coordinated by Mauritius. Fiji is also a part of the project. Therefore, I found the dossier on phosphorus depletion quite informative.Regards,Maureen W...   read more >>

Thank you for the updates through the latest Knowledge for Development Newsletter.For your information: also,Raymond Erick Zvavanyange   read more >>

About the K4D April-May 2011 newsletter

16/06/2011 - Blog Admin K4D

Thanks very much [...] for this update on the survey as well as the motto which is a great idea that can initiate the dialogue and deliberations amongst scientists and policymakers worldwide especially the impact of those agricultural and rural development policies which may affect the livelihoods of those living in rural areas.Indeed, sometimes policymakers seems that they would never listen to what scientists have suggested to improve farming practices and increase agricultural /fish produc...   read more >>