Knowledge for Development

Building ACP capacity to provide information for S&T decision making

Author: Judith A. Francis, CTA, Wageningen

Date: 14/12/2004


In February 2004 CTA launched a new initiative that aims to build the national capacities in ACP countries to undertake analyses of agricultural, science, technology and innovation (ASTI) systems and to provide sound information to enhance S&T decision making. This is a collaboration between the United Nations University Institute for Technology (UNU-INTECH), national institutions in ACP states and CTA. The project is funded under CTA?s Science and Technology Strategies programme.


The project has a number of components:

  • training researchers in six ACP countries to undertake the ASTI analyses;
  • providing technical backstopping for the researchers during the fieldwork;
  • hosting national workshops on the systems of innovation framework; and
  • holding national meetings to disseminate the results of the ASTI studies.