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Performance Indicators for Agricultural Innovation Systems in the ACP Region

Date: 29/05/2009


Synthesis Report of the International Expert Consultation Workshop at CTA Headquarters Wageningen, The Netherlands, 15-17 July 2008.

As there was no consensus among experts on several issues concerning AIS and more specifically on AIS performance indicators and the mechanisms for monitoring and evaluating the contribution of actors to the system performance, this workshop's objectives were

  1. To consider, review and agree on key concepts – innovation, innovation system, innovation system framework, innovation system performance – in the context of ACP agriculture.
  2. To identify – input, output and process – performance indicators and mechanisms for monitoring and evaluating performance such that they can be piloted by ACP national organisations.

This synthesis report presents the outputs of the workshop and ends with a section on the way forward as suggested by the workshop participants. It also includes a first attempt to come to a consolidated generic framework on AIS performance indicators, based on the outputs of the different working groups.


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May 2009