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Report: Adding value to local foods for food and nutrition security: the role and impact of state marketing boards and agencies (CTA/CCST/ NCST/CARDI/UWI workshop)

Date: 07/12/2012


Find the draft report below.

The Caribbean region is a net importer of food. According to the Regional Food and Nutrition Security Policy (RPNSP), the Caribbean imported US$ 3.5 billion in both fresh and processed foods, primarily from outside the region and this is trending upwards. Changing dietary patterns and more sedentary lifestyles over the years have contributed to the high prevalence of non-communicable chronic nutrition related diseases such as diabetes, cancers and hypertension. However, pockets of malnutrition and under-nutrition still exist in some countries, particularly Haiti and Jamaica. Within the last 20 years or more, marketing boards and small and medium-scale food processing enterprises have expanded but they face several challenges; technological, logistical and financial, in accessing and processing locally grown foods e.g. root crops, fruits and vegetables, dairy, fish, poultry and other livestock. At the same time, consumers have been confronted with higher food prices for local and imported foods.

In 2010, the Caribbean Research Innovation and Entrepreneurship Network (RIENet – was launched following a joint CTA/CCST workshop in Jamaica in 2009. It presently comprises over 400 members and includes an online facility. About 50% of the content on the website is generated by network members from the small and medium scale enterprises, industry and public sector associations and the research and academic community. The goal of this present initiative is to leverage the RIENet and its alliances to act as a catalyst for strengthening value-addition capability and improving the food and nutrition situation in the Caribbean.Download the programme, and the presentations on cassava alternative products and on the role and impact of marketing boards.


For more information on the workshop (26-28 November 2012), find the programme here.  

Download the presentation by Ian Thompson (UWI Mona Campus) on cassava transformation and alternative products.  

Download the presentation by Ian Ivey (NEXT Corporation) on the role and impact of state marketing board and agencies.

The report can be downloaded from the link below.

Download PDF (1.13 MB)

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