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CAAST-Net Plus High level Policy Dialogue Side Event: EU-Africa ST&I Cooperation on Food and Nutrition Security, November 28

Date: 17/12/2013


The objective of the FP7 CAAST-Net Plus project is to encourage better bi-regional ST&I cooperation around the challenges of climate change, food security and health. CTA is a partner in the CAAST-Net Plus project and leads on Work Package WP 1.1. Tasks assigned to this work package aim to contribute to the structuring and strengthening of the cooperation in food and nutrition security (FNS) research and innovation between Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa. More precisely, WP1 is designed to: (i) assess the impact of Africa-Europe collaborative research on joint food security priorities, (ii) contribute to bridging the public-private gap for the dissemination and exploitation of research results, (iii) foster a Europe-Africa multi-actor platform for researchable joint priorities.  

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Preliminary desk research undertaken by CTA included the compilation of a database of EU funded bi-regional and bilateral member states research cooperation FNS projects, the review of policy documents and reports and the classification of 73 projects following FNS priorities; availability, accessibility, utilization, ecology etc. A snapshot of the focus areas of the projects shows, among other findings, a strong preference foe; the development of databases (30%), increasing availability - mainly productivity enhancements in livestock and grains (18%), and aspects that address utilization – quality and safety (13%) and ecology (12%). However, Africa’s food and nutrition security problems are more related to access (economic and physical) which received a low score (4%). Little evidence exists to suggest that mechanisms exist for sharing experiences and knowledge and for joint learning across projects. 

In light of this examination, CAASTNet Plus is proposing more support towards co-owned and co-funded joint programming. Additionally, a roadmap and a joint Africa-EU ST&I Think Tank on FNS were recommended for consideration. Immediate next steps to be undertaken by CTA as part of its contribution include: a more complete survey of projects and interviews with project leaders, stakeholder meetings to identify joint priorities, and the monitoring of uptake of research outputs.

The outcomes of the EU-Africa High Level Policy Dialogue that took place on 28-29 November, are available on the following websites:
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