Knowledge for Development

Knowledge for development newsletter December 2013 / Vol. VIII

Innovation systems and capability building of smallholder farmers: Innovating for increased market access

Increased competition, discerning consumer tastes, stringent regulations and technological changes continue to put pressure on farmers to innovate and compete to access new markets.  


Biofuels: Are they still relevant for the bioeconomy?

With the race to find and exploit new gas and oil resources, biofuels may become irrelevant. These global trends undercut efforts towards an energy transition in which clean energy could be important. The high financial and environmental costs that result from exploiting old and new sources of oil and gas as well as the potential that biofuels can have a positive impact on inclusive socio-economic development may be ignored.  


Strengthening science, technology and innovation policy processes in Africa

In the beginning of the 21st century, after many years of limited interest in research for development, many African countries initiated projects to design national policies for science, technology and innovation (STI). Now, a decade later, at least 37 African countries have adopted new STI policy regimes, or will do so soon.  


Post MDGs - Change the landscape for science and innovation for agricultural and rural development

Global challenges requiring urgent policy attention are increasingly defined in the context of climate change, food and nutrition security, health, the environment, the economy and poverty alleviation.  


Science competitions promote innovation: Feeding 1 billion in Africa in a changing world

The great success of the 3rd Africa-wide Science Competitions ‘Feeding 1 billion in Africa in a changing World’ which extended over the period 2012-2013 clearly demonstrates how much CTA, FARA, IFS and partners* value the scientific contributions of Africa’s women scientists and young professionals in addressing the challenges that Africa faces.