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Alternatives to antibiotics in animal health


Date: 11/07/2012


Maryland, US), has devoted her career to developing alternative-to-antibiotics strategies to control infectious diseases in poultry. Through partnerships with industry, international scientists, and colleagues in the BARC Animal Parasitic Diseases Laboratory, Lillehoj has demonstrated the effectiveness of using food supplements and probiotics, molecules produced by cells of the immune system, and phytonutrients to fight poultry diseases like coccidiosis – a parasitic disease that causes annual losses of more than US$ 600 million in the United States and US$ 3.2 billion worldwide. Lillehoj is now applying similar technology to develop alternatives to treat enteric (intestinal) bacterial infections caused by clostridium, a pathogen associated with necrotic enteritis in poultry. (AllAboutFeed, 5/6/2012)

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