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Researchers outline food security-climate change road map in science


Date: 09/03/2012


While last month’s climate negotiations in Durban made incremental progress towards helping farmers adapt to climate change and reduce agriculture’s climate footprint, a group of international agriculture experts, led by Sir John Beddington, writing in the January 20 issue of Science magazine (‘What Next for Agriculture After Durban?’), urges scientists to lay the groundwork for more decisive action on global food security in environmental negotiations in 2012. The authors see a need for more ‘integrated research’ focused on sustainable agricultural practices that are appropriate for ‘different regions, farming systems, and landscapes’, particularly in low income countries where climate change is expected to pose the greatest challenge. The goal, the authors said, is to achieve a ‘safe operating space’ where farmers can produce enough food to meet global needs while adapting to various climatic stresses and also minimizing the environmental impact of food production.

(CCAFS via Science, 19/01/2012)

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