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April 2014 K4D Newsletter

Date: 22/05/2014


We are pleased to forward the April 2014 issue of the CTA and S&T Knowledge for Development (K4D) e-newsletter. In this issue, we put the spotlight on (i) the new K4D dossier “Research Collaboration in a Globalised World”, (ii) the impact survey on Africa-EU food security research cooperation and (iii) extension policy.


The 1st lead article in our new K4D dossier is by EU researchers, T. Chancellor, M. Hauser, and P. Sarfatti. They address research and capacity-building partnerships on joint priorities and emerging agricultural issues and increasing the engagement of farmers in research to achieve greater impact at local level. In the 2nd lead article, African researcher, M. Osiru calls on African governments and financial institutions to work in collaboration with development partners and support targeted programmes and favourable funding mechanisms that allow African institutions to build capacity and negotiate for greater leverage in north-south and south-south research partnerships.

We appeal to African and EU researchers to complete the impact survey on Africa-EU joint S&T, research and capacity building EU funded food security cooperation programmes and projects. The survey is being undertaken by the EU FP7 funded CAAST-Net Plus project ‘Advancing SSA-EU cooperation in research and innovation for global challenges’ and is led by CTA, a project partner.

Extension is a key service in supporting developing countries to address the challenge of food insecurity, to build resilience in agricultural systems under a changing climate and to improve prosperity in the agricultural and rural sectors. As this is the international year of family farming, we feature selected policy papers authored by H.B. Corrêa da Silva, Brazil; V. Hoffmann, Germany; N. Roling and D. Hounkonnou, The Netherlands and Benin and O.I. Oladele, Nigeria, that were published on the recently released Extension CD-ROM Proceedings. These papers provide useful insights for charting future extension policy in developing countries.

This issue of the K4D newsletter also provides links to other valuable resources e.g. (i) the CIAT study by Colin Khoury ‘Towards a globalized diet: more food, less diversity, more associated risks’  should trigger reflection on the implications for global food security; (ii) the report by the Asian Development Bank on ‘The economics of climate change in the Pacific’ should cause us to ask what is being done with all the available evidence on CC; and (iii) the ‘Grenadines marine resource Space-Use Information System project of the university of the West Indies, Barbados.

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