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July/August 2014 K4D Newsletter

Date: 30/07/2014


We are pleased to forward the July/August 2014 issue of the CTA and S&T Knowledge for Development (K4D) e-newsletter. In this issue, we place emphasis on (i) sorghum research and value chain development, (ii) extension policy and, (iii) emerging issues in trans-disciplinary research and academic publishing among others. We have also adopted a new format for the K4D newsletter and a new email delivery system using mailchimp which we hope you appreciate. 


In the 1st new K4D lead article on “Sorghum in Africa: research opportunities and priorities”, Eva Weltzien, ICRISAT, Mali explores the use of local landraces in sorghum varietal improvement and emphasizes the role of local knowledge in research priority setting and breeding programmes. In the 2nd lead article, Florence Wanbugu and Nehemiah Mburu, of Africa Harvest, discuss the critical elements that are contributing to increased nutritional value and trade of sorghum.

The enabling policy environment is critical for extension and advisory service providers  who are important knowledge brokers in agricultural transformation and innovation processes. The extension policy related articles featured in this K4D issue consider the public goods nature of extension services and the opportunities for privatization, as well as the need to clarify the roles of the various service providers in an innovative and pluralistic extension system and for impact assessment.  

As usual, we welcome and value your feedback and look forward to your continued engagement  in the K4D website.

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