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Biological resources centre for tropical plants of French West Indies


Date: 21/01/2011


Cirad and Inra (French agricultural research institutes) have decided to join their efforts, in order to widely make known the information linked to their plant collections from the Caribbean. Because of their greatly diversified natural patrimony, and because of their history which has favoured the introduction of germplasm for agriculture, the West Indies are rich of numerous collections of vegetal biological resources, maintained through various processes by the agronomical research institutes Cirad and Inra. These collections have been constituted over the years, from various collecting missions in the Caribbean and Americas, but also further ones, up to the centres of origins of some crops. Targeted audience includes among others, agricultural professionals, scientists, and the teaching profession. These collections include cultivated species and related wild types, such as banana, sugarcane, fruits, yams and horticultural plants, as well as an herbarium, referenced at the international level. This natural or collected biodiversity constitutes a basis for diversification programmes, genetic improvement and genetic resources characterisation.

Region / Country: Guadeloupe, Martinique, Saint Barthélemy, Saint Martin, Caribbean.

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