Knowledge for Development

Caribbean network for the development of agro-ecological horticultural systems


Date: 12/01/2012


Devag is a Research & Development project, in cooperation and for the insular Caribbean, funded by the INTERREG IV Caribbean programme and supported by the Cooperation services and cultural actions of the French Embassy of Cuba and Haiti. The project is planned for 4 years and started since October 2009. The project is based on a largely shared assessment of an insufficient development of horticultural agro-ecological or organic production in the Caribbean – even if these productions are identified as an essential element for a healthy diet, food self-sufficiency and as an important source of income (high value crops). The project has a global objective which is accelerating the implementation of the innovative and adoptable crop systems to satisfy a huge demand from local markets in fresh and healthy products, reducing the negative impact of these crops on insular and fragile environments under high anthropic pressure. To do so, it mobilizes the competences of the present partners (CIRAD, IIFT, IIHLD, UNICA, MARNDR and FAMV) on four Caribbean islands: Cuba, Haïti, Martinique and Guadeloupe. IPS reports on the project.

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