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Coastal Capital: Economic valuation of coastal ecosystems in the Caribbean


Date: 23/07/2011


The World Resources Institute’s (WRI) Coastal Capital series was launched in 2005 and aims to provide decision-makers in the Caribbean with information and tools that link the health of coastal ecosystems with the attainment of economic and social goals.

WRI and its local partners have conducted economic valuation studies of coral reefs and mangroves at national and subnational levels in five countries: Trinidad and Tobago, St. Lucia, Belize, the Dominican Republic and, in June 2011, Jamaica.

WRI has published (June 2011) a Working Paper on the coastal capital of Jamaica with an interesting field report. The paper offers a detailed evaluation of the contribution of coral reefs to the Jamaican economy, as well as the benefits that will be lost if coral reefs degrade further.

(World Resources Institute, 6/2011)

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