Knowledge for Development

Scientific Research Organisation of Samoa (SROS)


Date: 14/09/2012


The Scientific Research Organisation of Samoa (formerly known as The Research and Development Institute of Samoa - RDIS) is a newly formed government initiative, established to provide scientific and technical research, and develop technologies which provide benefit to Samoa’s industry and economy. It is an independent corporate body constituted and operating under the provisions of the SROS Act 2008.

The primary objective of SROS is to assist farmers and businesses through scientific and technical research with the primary aim of adding value to local resources to promote the national economy. There is a need to add value to food production in Samoa to fully utilize local resources (agricultural produce), generate income, employment and reduce imports. There is also a need to exploit energy sources that are renewable to compact high energy cost. All research activities of the Organisation are geared to achieving these goals.

SROS research on postharvest disease management, among other themes, has received international commend.

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