Knowledge for Development

9th Meeting of the Advisory Committee on Science and Technology for ACP Agricultural & Rural Development



The theme for the 9th AC meeting in South Africa is ‘Science, Indigenous Knowledge and Innovation: Implications for ACP Agriculture’ and it is preceded by the annual e-consultation. This focus is appropriate as AC members continue their efforts to advocate for policy and institutional change and adequate financial resources, for undertaking innovative research and teaching and adapting existing knowledge in support of socio-economic development. The definition, articulation and promotion of scientific knowledge as being inclusive and the shared recognition of the need for continuous engagement with policymakers and other stakeholders and greater linkage between science and society are very relevant to future innovation in and development of agriculture which remains the mainstay of several ACP economies.

The workshop programme can be downloaded below (DOC file). It presents the day-to-day programme of the workshop.

Venue: Premier Hotel O.R. Tambo, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Dates: 22-26 November 2010, check document for time schedule.

Updates as of December 2010:

- Read the 9th AC Meeting's "Key messages" by Judith Ann Francis

- Read the presentation by Dr. Yonah Seleti on indigeneous knowledge in the bio-economy in Africa

Updates as of January 2011:

- Keynote address by Pr. Gérard Toulouse "Making Science more Inclusive: The history of knowledge production"

- Presentation and article by Prof. Ermias Dagne, "Validating traditional medicines"

Updates as of February 2011:

- Final communiqué by Judith A. Francis.


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