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CTA/WUR Inception Workshop “Mainstreaming Tertiary Education in ACP ARD Policy Processes: Increasing Food Supply and Reducing Hunger”



Dates: 18-21 September  2012

Venue: CTA Headquarters, Wageningen, The Netherlands

UPDATE NOVEMBER 2012:The workshop report has been published. Find it here

CTA and WUR in collaboration with ACP partner networks and organizations have chosen food security as the initial content domain to determine the extent of engagement of ACP tertiary education institutes in ARD policy processes. Firstly, this is one of the most pressing issues nationally, regionally and internationally and universities are currently looking for ways to (re)orient their education, research and community outreach towards addressing food security. Secondly, food security links to the core business of Wageningen University and its recently established Centre for Sustainable Development and Food Security. Thirdly, capacity development is seen as a key strategic intervention area and designing and piloting methodologies for learning lessons for enhancing the engagement of tertiary education institutes in ARD policy processes specifically CAADP and the major ARD policy instruments in the Caribbean and Pacific are deemed necessary by CTA.

The objective of the inception workshop is to generate consensus, understanding and commitment with respect to the project’s ambitions and methods for mainstreaming tertiary education in ACP ARD policy processes with a focus on increasing food supply and reducing hunger.



At the bottom of this page, find the workshop's programme to download.

PRESENTATIONS (random order)

Michael Hailu: Orientation to CTA

Rudy Rabbinge: From Food Production to Food Security

Ernest R. Aubee: Status of the ECOWAP-CAADP implementation

Wellington N. Ekaya: Mobilizing and Strengthening Capacities of Universities to Foster Innovations Responsive to Farming Communities in Africa – The RUFORUM Approach

Harjitsingh Rekhi & Hazel Patterson-Andrews: Food and Nutrition Situation in Trinidad and Tobago

Jimaima Lako & David Rohindra: Status of Food Security in the Pacific Island Region

Lamon Rutten: Innovative Agricultural Finance and Risk Management Instruments

Olu Ajayi: ARD Policy Planning at CTA - Key Regional Messages

S. Chakeredza: ANAFE - Improving the Quality, Relevance and Application of Agricultural Education in Africa

Hamidou Boly: Towards Transforming Tertiary Education for Agriculture

M. E. Gounga: Food and Nutritional Situation in the Region of Maradi, Niger – Contribution of Université de Maradi

Université Abdou Moumouni : État des lieux de la sécurité alimentaire et nutritionnelle au Niger

Jim Woodhill: Netherlands Food and Nutrition Security Programme

Joyce Kinabo & Abel K. Kaaya: Current State of Food Security – Research, Education and Outreach in Sokoine University of Agriculture 

Newton M. Nyairo & Eric K. Bett: Current State of Food Security – Research, Education and Outreach in Kenyatta University

Salimata Pousga & Mamoudou H. Dicko: Current State of Food Security – Research, Education and Outreach in Burkina's Universities 

Tala Gueye & Saliou Ndiaye : État actuel de la sécurité alimentaire – Recherche, enseignement et vulgarisation communautaire à l’Université de Thiès, Sénégal

Jan Verhagen: Agriculture and Climate

Wouter Hijweege: New Roles for Tertiary Agricultural Education

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