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Ensuring the sustainable availability of affordable quality seeds and planting materials in Uganda: A review of Uganda’s draft national seed policy


Date: 07/03/2015


Uganda’s draft national seed policy (e.g. the Seeds and Plant Act 2006) contains serious loopholes, gaps and challenges, primarily due to the lack of relevant regulations and guidelines to ensure its effective implementation. This is the conclusion of a study by Ronald Naluwairo and Julian Barungi of Advocates Coalition for Development and Environment (ACODE), Uganda, who examined the potential of the draft national seed policy, major seed legislation and the key public sector seed establishments to ensure the sustainable availability and accessibility of affordable quality seed and planting materials. The report presents recommendations that, if effectively implemented, could improve the implementation of the national seed policy and seed legislation and would enhance Uganda’s seed infrastructure and public funding arrangements. (Advocates Coalition for Development and Environment    

(ACODE), 2014)

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