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Soil Atlas of Africa


Date: 02/07/2013


Produced by leading soil scientists from Europe and Africa, the Soil Atlas of Africa shows the changing nature of soil across the continent. It explains the origin and functions of soil, describes the different soil types that can be found in Africa and their relevance to both local and global issues. The atlas also discusses the principal threats to soil and the steps being taken to protect soil resources. It is a key resource for scientists, practitioners and policy and decision-makers. Informed decision making is currently limited by the scarcity of up to date data on the soil resources of Africa. The JRC, in collaboration with the FAO and African soil scientists, will launch a pan-African assessment on the state of soil resources at the forthcoming conference of the African Soil Science Society in Kenya (October 2013).  

(EC Joint Research Centre, 01/05/2013)

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