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Pan-African Cassava Surveillance Network – PACSUN


Date: 02/09/2014


Scientists from agricultural research centres in Africa met at a workshop in Saint-Pierre, Reunion, from 10 to 13 June 2014 to contribute to the war against pests and diseases of cassava. The workshop resulted in the establishment of a pan-African network for surveillance of cassava diseases (PacSun) that will provide expertise in understanding the viruses and bacterial diseases that attack cassava in Africa; pool data via a website; develop applications with simple diagnostic fields on mobile phones for the benefit of African producers; and propose measures appropriate to each country to control the spread of pandemics such as cassava brown streak disease. The workshop participants also called for the establishment of an international transit cassava centre that would exchange of cassava cuttings between African countries, which is currently prohibited because of the risk of spreading cassava mosaic disease and brown streak disease.   

(Institut de Recherche pour le Développement, 2.07.2014)

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