Knowledge for Development

Development of ‘ENDIISA’ decision support tool for improved feeding of dairy cattle in Uganda

Author: Dr Sarah Lubanga Mubiru, Livestock and Fisheries Programme, ASARECA, Entebbe, Uganda

Date: 17/08/2010


Despite existing knowledge and, in some instances, the appropriate use of feed resources, milk production on dairy farms has remained low in the ranges of 2–5 Lcow-1day-1. In her paper, Mubiru argues that this poor performance clearly points to a gap in farmers' knowledge regarding cattle feeding. Since farmers are unable to know the quantities of feeds needed to meet the nutritional requirements of their animals, they were only able to provide 59% and 36% of the required metabolisable energy and crude protein, respectively, to their animals. A mechanism was developed by which farmers could establish adequate feed quantities for their cattle, even when they are combining a variety of feeds. ‘ENDIISA' is the web-based decision support tool that was one of the major outputs of the author’s winning research submission.

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