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New technology extends shelf life of milk in Kenya


Date: 14/02/2011


The Kenyan Dairy Board is promoting a new milk processing technology, which preserves milk for up to a month and is helping Kenyan dairy farmers to significantly reduce losses. The Dairy Board is providing loans to farmers to enable them to take advantage of the technology and has announced plans to purchase excess milk produced from farmers. The Extended Shelf Life (ESL) technology works by applying heat indirectly and reducing the levels of lactose. ESL has enabled farmers to sell a larger quantity of milk, by avoiding spoiling due to poor storage and preservation methods. Over 3,000 farmers in Kenya are now benefitting from this pilot project which is being implemented by the Limuru Dairy Farmers' Union. To expand the project, the Union is also partnering with banks, government agencies and dairy insurance companies.(Source: African Agriculture, 17 January 2011)