Knowledge for Development

Smallholder dairying in Malawi


Date: 20/10/2014


An evaluation study examined “Optimising Smallholder Dairying in Malawi”. Lead farmers and extension workers were trained, who then trained other farmers. Exchange visits between Malawian and Scottish dairy experts were conducted. Scoping papers on performance recording, feeding and forage management, milk quality and breeding were developed to ensure sustainability of dairying and the projects activities. Milk rejection rates significantly reduced by 69% and 34% (mastitis and adulteration, respectively). However, milk sourness continued to increase. Training in forage management and feeding (especially legumes) has significantly improved the feed availability period from September/October to November, reducing the feed gap to less than a month. However, the project activities suffered due to low collaboration between the main actors.   

(SRUC, 2011)

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