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Participatory identification and evaluation of sorghum (Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench) landraces from lower eastern Kenya


Date: 28/07/2014


Eastern Province is a major sorghum growing zone in Kenya, and unknown landraces of sorghum continue to be maintained by cultural preferences and traditional practices by the farmers. Germplasm was separately collected from 120 randomly sampled farmers in the major sorghum growing agroecological zones in the eastern province. Information on traits preferred and grain use was recorded for each accession. Forty-four different accessions were collected from Mbeere region which had the most landraces available with diverse colorations, to Kitui, Mutomo and Makueni. The landraces are unique in their adaptation, food quality, grain yield, quality of harvested products, biotic stress resistance and post-harvest processing.    

(International Research Journal of Agricultural Science and Soil Science, 2013)

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