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Production and quality evaluation of complementary food formulated from fermented sorghum, walnut and ginger


Date: 29/07/2014


This study evaluates the effect of sorghum and walnut variation on physicochemical properties and acceptability of breakfast meal to overcome protein malnutrition. The nutritional and textural qualities of sorghum flour were improved with the addition of walnut and ginger flour. Samples with 25% walnut and 5% ginger were more acceptable than the samples containing 15% walnut and 5% ginger, 35% walnut and 5% ginger, 45% walnut and 5% ginger. Processing of sorghum into flour and porridge will encourage use of sorghum in other forms. Fortification of sorghum with walnut and ginger flour makes the food more nutritious.  

(Journal of Applied Biosciences, 2012)

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