Knowledge for Development

Sorghum biofuel / sweet sorghum beer value chains. Economic evaluation of sweet sorghum in biofuel production as a multi-purpose crop: the case of Zambia


Date: 29/07/2014


The potential trade-off in producing sweet sorghum instead of grain sorghum is examined. Identifying high sweet sorghum yielding varieties and the best production scenario are very important pre-requisites to using sweet sorghum in biofuel production. The yield of sweet sorghum is positively correlated with how advanced the production regime is. Due to a negative gross margin obtained under the small-scale production scenario, the results suggest that pro-poor measures should be implemented by any policy aimed at increasing the social benefits (significant contribution of biofuel to the rural poor of Zambia) of a biofuel programme. 

(Dissertation, University of Fort Hare, 2008)