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Samoan breadfruit makes a splash in the Caribbean


Date: 11/07/2012


IPS reports on an effort by nonprofits and NGOs aimed at introducing the Samoan breadfruit variety to the Caribbean. Breadfruit, a staple in the Pacific Islands for thousands of years, has been popular in the Caribbean for over 200 years. What’s different about the trees being introduced this time around is that they are a Samoan variety called Ma’afala, previously unknown in this part of the world. Ma’afala was selected as optimal for mass propagation and distribution because it has the highest protein and mineral nutrition (iron, potassium, zinc) of 94 varieties studied, and is widely considered one of the tastiest of varieties. All the Ma’afala grown and distributed in the Caribbean today originates from the collection at the Breadfruit Institute, part of the Hawaii-based National Tropical Botanical Garden. (IPS, 7/6/2012)

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