Knowledge for Development

Production and export of organic fruit and vegetables in Asia

Author: FAO

Date: 05/11/2008


This documents shows that trade regarding Worldwide Organic Agriculture is growing by presenting an overview and facts. Chapter 1 deals with the World Markets For Organic Fruit And Vegetables, Organic Markets in Europe and North America. It further describes Certified Organic Fruits And Vegetables In The Japanese Market. Chapter 2 is mainly about Standards and Regulations in several contexts worldwide. Differences and Similarities are discussed. Chapter 3 concentrates on Producing and Exporting Organic Horticultural Products in Asia while chapter 4 deals with Establishing an Organic Export Sector in which case studies of China and Thailand are presented. The roles of IFOAM and FAO with regard to supporting Asian Organic Agriculture are discussed as well. Chapter 5 is a concluding chapter and presents recommendations. Summaries of round table discussions are presented: (1) Strategies And Technology For Improving Production Of Organic Fruit And Vegetables In Asia; (2) Standards And Certification- How To Avoid That They Become A Barrier To Trade?; and, (3) How To Develop The Domestic Organic Market In Asian Countries? Read this document.


Release date: 2004