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Interview: African Poultry Industry Must Improve Feed Quality and Adapt to Climate Change


Date: 15/10/2012


Interview with S. Adejoro, Zartech, March 2011

Climate change was also the main theme of the 2011 African International Poultry Summit (AIPS), which was held in Abeokuta, Nigeria. The Summit, which attracted over 1,000 participants from the African poultry sector and from other continents’ poultry industries with interests in the African market, discussed amongst other topics the implications of changing climatic conditions on poultry production in Africa. AIPS began with a presentation given by Dr. Stephen Adejoro, a veterinarian, who is Head of Research and Marketing at Zartech Limited, one of Nigeria’s largest broiler and day old chick producers. In partnership with two other producers - Obasanjo Farms Nigeria Ltd. and Ajanla Farms Ltd. – Zartech accounts for about 30% of all processed poultry made in Nigeria. Adejoro presented the climate change issue and its challenges and spoke about different management and nutritional strategies to take into account at African poultry production level. In addition, he discussed the promise of nanotechnology and how he sees its development in Africa.

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