Knowledge for Development

Backyard poultry keeping and poverty reduction in South Asia: Good practices and good returns


Date: 30/08/2011



A South Asia Pro-Poor Livestock Policy Programme, a joint initiative of the National Dairy Development Board of India and the FAO, has identified and documented a range of good practices along the poultry supply chain in Bangladesh, Bhutan and India, an agricultural sub-sector of great importance for most ACP countries. These include interventions related to the provision of inputs, management and improved husbandry practices, health service delivery and the marketing of live birds and eggs. This paper reviews and draws lessons out of 11 good practices on small‐scale poultry farming, documented by the programme in collaboration with a variety of public and private actors. The document attempts to identify gaps in the relevant policy and institutional framework to enable improvements in smallholder poultry rearing. (ILRI Clippings, 21/7/2011)

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