Knowledge for Development

Family poultry and food security: research requirements in Science, Technology and socio-economics


Date: 15/10/2012


E.B. Sonaiya

Abstracts and Proceedings XXI World’s Poultry Congress, Montreal, Canada, August 20-24, 2000.

Families use various but largely extensive management systems to take advantage of common village resources to produce poultry eggs and meat. Scientists and professionals interested in this endeavour have interacted for about a decade in a network – African Network for rural poultry development. The research agenda of this network gave priority to genetics, health and baseline data. It must give greater attention to natural and social sciences using indigenous knowledge and local conditions at the basis for participatory action research in health, management, feeding and reproduction. Natural products chemistry, population biology and process modelling expertise are required. Abilities in evaluation of resource utilisation and whole system optimisation that are built on a thorough understanding of the culture and society will be required to assure significant food security contributions from family poultry.