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The World Poultry Science Association Journal

The World's Poultry Science Journal publishes review articles on virtually all aspects of poultry production and poultry science. Some of the review articles are commissioned by the editor, but the majority consist of papers from WPSA sponsored Congresses or Symposia, or are submitted unsolicited from WPSA members. The WPSJ is published in both a printed and an on-line form by Cambridge University Press.


World Poultry

World Poultry is a Portal on Global Poultry Production published by Reed Business, with news, photos, videos and articles on Poultry disease, Poultry Meat Processing, Egg Processing Articles and Poultry Welfare.


Winrock International project: Strengthening Kenya’s Poultry Sector

The poultry sector in Africa has great potential for growth but is constrained by overall sector disorganization, a weak feed industry, lack of ready market access and information for smallholder producers, and prevalence of avian diseases. Poultry is a key economic activity for smallholder farmers throughout Africa, especially in rural areas. In Kenya, up to 75% of farmers (the majority of whom are women) raise small free-roaming flocks that are extremely susceptible to disease, including highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI). The biggest challenges to the sector include improving access to inputs and appropriate technologies, enhancing capacity for early detection and rapid containment of avian diseases, and strengthening smallholder access to markets.


The Journal of Applied Poultry Research

The Journal of Applied Poultry Research (JAPR) provides information to those whose livelihood is derived from the commercial production of poultry and those whose research benefits this sector. This journal addresses topics of near-term application based on studies and critical observations, encourages scientific approaches to practical problem solving, and presents information that is comprehensible to a broad readership. The JAPR publishes original research reports, field reports, and reviews on breeding, hatching, health and disease, layer management, meat bird processing and products, meat bird management, microbiology, food safety, nutrition, environment, sanitation, welfare and economics.


ACIAR: Poultry feeding systems in PNG

The Papua New Guinea (PNG) smallholder broiler production system involves about 50,000 families and produces six million birds a year, with a value of AUS$54 million. Smallholders purchase day-old chicks, grow them out for six to eight weeks using commercial feeds and some locally available feeds, and sell them as live birds in local markets. At present, most farmers use imported concentrated feeds that cost AUS$4-5 per bird. Cheaper inputs would help smallholders to be more profitable and efficient. In particular, the use of locally available feeds could reduce costs by up to AUS$1.50 per bird. However, locally available feeds must first be systematically evaluated and rations formulated using those feeds. This requires a more extensive testing facility than is currently available in PNG and better information about productivity using different local feeds.


Poultry Science Journal

Poultry Science is an international journal publishing original papers, research notes, symposium papers, and reviews of basic science as applied to poultry. Subject areas include breeding, genetics, education, production, management, environment, health, behavior, welfare, immunology, molecular biology, metabolism, nutrition, physiology, reproduction, processing, and products. Selected symposia on relevant and important topics are invited by the editor for publication in the journal, as are abstracts from the annual PSA scientific meeting.


Poultry Science Association

The Poultry Science Association (PSA) is a professional organization consisting of approximately 1,300 educators, scientists, extension specialists, administrators, and producers who are committed to advancing the poultry industry. Founded in 1908, PSA has served as a clearinghouse and publisher of basic and applied poultry research in the world. The application of research findings published in PSA’s journals has been and remains a major contributor to the rapid growth and maturation of the meat and egg industries. In addition, poultry-related research has made substantial contributions to the overall understanding of human health and nutrition.


Animal Feed Resources in Asia and the Pacific

The status of animal feed resources in the Asian Productivity Organization region was the subject of a symposium that the APO organized in Tokyo. The discussion appraised the major problems and current policies as well as the general directions which might be pursued by member countries in enhancing feed resource availability and its utilization. The symposium recognized the fact that as the demand for animal products is expected to increase into the 21st century, animal feed resources must, by necessity, be given due importance in the member countries' development efforts. The symposium participants were in agreement that: (i) feed requirements in the region were generally in excess of supply; (ii) the production of animal feeds invariably competed with the production of food crops for human consumption on the same limited agricultural land areas; (iii) the formula feed industry had developed rapidly in concert with demand; (iv) there is an urgent need for expanded utilization of agro-industrial products and non-conventional feed resources; and (v) there is a gap between research and extension in animal feed technology. The report contains: (i) Summary Report which synthesizes the major findings; (ii) Regional Survey Report which was drawn from a regional survey preceding the symposium; (iii) Other Symposium Papers which were presented by selected experts; (iv) country papers on feed resources; and (v) Appendices that contain information pertaining to the symposium.


Africa Agriculture News: Poultry

Africa Agriculture News has a category for poultry news, presenting new press information relating to poultry agriculture and science in Africa.


Promotion of Private Sector in Agriculture

This website promoting the development of the private sector in Kenyan agriculture highlights the potential of the poultry value chain.


Value Chains

This web site contains details of many development projects, including Value Chain Analysis of the Indigenous Poultry Subsector - Kenya , Aga Khan Foundation, 2005.


Chicken Health for Development (Chicken Health 4 Development, CH4D)

This web site is about a CIDLID initiative project titled ‘Reducing the impact of infectious diseases on poultry production in Ethiopia’ funded by BBSRC, DFID and the Scottish Government. This website reports on activities and progress, and is a communication space as the initiative start the first year of the project.


Feedipedia: an online encyclopaedia of animal feeds

Feedipedia replaces the FAO's AFRIS website and supplements the work done by the Association Française de Zootechnie (AFZ) and INRA on composition and nutritive value tables for raw materials intended for livestock. This online database is intended for anyone researching animal feeds. It provides: (i) quality information, with references (description, distribution, constraints on use, environmental impact, etc.) as well as; (ii) quantitative information (composition and nutritive value tables) on feeds. 201 sheets describing the different products obtained from a given plant or raw material and providing up-to-date information on more than 600 feeds and fodder types, are available. The information has been compiled by more than 25 researchers and engineers from the AFZ, CIRAD and INRA, based on bibliographical references from the scientific and technical literature. Visit Feedipedia’s website.(via CIRAD, 21/11/2012)


World’s Poultry Science Association

The World’s Poultry Science Association is a long established and unique organization that strives to advance knowledge and understanding of all aspects of poultry science and the poultry industry. Its major role is to encourage, and help facilitate, liaison among research scientists and educators, and between those in research and education and those working in the many diverse sectors of the industry. Within the Association there are many working groups and committees covering various aspects of poultry science and technology. The Association publishes the World's Poultry Science Journal. This journal has developed a high international reputation for its content, which covers virtually all aspects of production and science in the poultry industry.