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African breed of cattle may harbor potential defence against trypanosomosis


Date: 05/11/2013


One West-African dwarf cattle breed, the Baoulé, seems less affected by trypanosomosis than others. The scientists behind the discovery have developed a method that can identify the parasites responsible for trypanosomosis and can even detect three different forms of the parasite in a single step. The information is extremely valuable to veterinarians and farmers as each type of trypanosome causes a slightly different disease progression and requires a different type of treatment. The researchers used their new method to examine samples of blood from apparently healthy Baoulé cattle, Indian Zebu cattle and crosses between the two breeds. It seems that the Baoulé's immune system can tolerate higher levels of the blood parasite. When they are infected, Baoulé cattle develop fever and lose weight but do not necessarily die.    

(ScienceDaily, 27/09/2013)

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