Knowledge for Development

World mapping of animal feeding systems in the dairy sector


Date: 27/11/2014


This report provides a wealth of knowledge on animal feeding systems and is a valuable resource for the dairy sector and connected chain partners. It can be used both to compare and improve feeding systems that are already in use and for the development of new feeding systems. In addition, the report provides information that can be used: (i) to estimate the environmental impact of the livestock sector; (ii) to develop diets and feeding strategies to reduce the carbon footprint and to optimise milk composition; (iii) to enhance animal productivity, health and welfare; (iv) to increase the quality and safety of animal products; and (v) to improve economic sustainability of milk production. The report was compiled by three organisations (IDF, FAO and IFCN) each of which undertook a separate but complementary approach to map dairy feeding systems around the world.   

(FAO, 10/2014)

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