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Feedipedia: an online encyclopaedia of animal feeds


Date: 11/02/2013


Feedipedia replaces the FAO's AFRIS website and supplements the work done by the Association Française de Zootechnie (AFZ) and INRA on composition and nutritive value tables for raw materials intended for livestock. This online database is intended for anyone researching animal feeds. It provides: (i) quality information, with references (description, distribution, constraints on use, environmental impact, etc.) as well as; (ii) quantitative information (composition and nutritive value tables) on feeds. 201 sheets describing the different products obtained from a given plant or raw material and providing up-to-date information on more than 600 feeds and fodder types, are available. The information has been compiled by more than 25 researchers and engineers from the AFZ, CIRAD and INRA, based on bibliographical references from the scientific and technical literature. Visit Feedipedia’s website.

(via CIRAD, 21/11/2012)

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