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Barnesa - Banana Research Network for Eastern & Southern Africa: For sustainable increased banana production


Date: 03/04/2006


Barnesa’s 'super goal' is having an increased contribution of bananas to food security and economic growth within ECA (eastern and central Africa) . Its goal is to contribute to increased and sustainable agricultural productivity in the regionwith the purpose to establish a sustainable commercialized banana sector in the East and Central African region . Barnesa’s strategic objectives are:(1) To promote and support streamlined structure and process of banana marketing systems in the region; (2) To develop/adapt sustainable banana production and utilization technologies addressing key user needs; (3) To enhance capacity for the development/adaption and utilization of banana and banana products; (4) To provide effective co-ordination for collaborative regional banana Research and Development.

At its web site the historical background of Barnesa is given as well as its activities, linkages and (regional) partnerships nowadays. Barnesa is an ASARECA (Association for Strengthening Agricultural Research in Eastern and Central Africa) network coordinated by INIBAP.