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Africa: EAFCA - Eastern African Fine Coffee Association


Date: 03/04/2006


EAFCA, registered in Uganda in 2000, is an association of coffee producers, processors, marketing people and organisations in the ten Eastern and Southern African countries of Burundi, Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe and the Democratic Republic of Congo as well as others from outside Africa. Membership thus includes processors, associations, roasters, dealers, retailers, and coffee professionals from all over the world. The vision of EAFCA is "improving the quality of life through the quality of coffee" . Its mission is to establish and promote partnerships and networks amongst those participating and having an interest in quality coffee production, processing and marketing in the Eastern Africa coffee-growing region. EAFCA’s website presents an overview of events, conferences, country chapters, an explanation of the association and it provides access to a resource centre for which one needs to log in as a member.

The EAFCA board finalized its Strategic plan during its meeting on 28-29th August 2002, and focused on eight strategic objectives, given below: Improving the financial stability and productivity of the Association;Promoting the welfare of the smallholder producers and quality improvement;Developing an educational and training programme for all players in the African specialty coffee industry; Working with and directly supporting the establishment and implementation of modern coffee auctions and specialised regional marketing infrastructure; Working within the established structures for regional cooperation and enhancement of the unified and unique character of the African specialty coffee industry; Working in liaison with other organisations and institutions on matters relating to the promotion of the African fine coffee industry and to facilitate joint activities in our coffee sub-regions; Establishment of an African-based certification body, and work with others to develop a globally acceptable certification program for African coffee producers particularly conscious of the needs of smallholder producers in Africa; and, Promoting domestic consumption of coffee in the region and developing the regional markets for such coffee (from the executive summary).

Release date: September 2002

Source: Eastern African Fine Coffees Association (EAFCA)

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